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Substantially reduce your overhead, and greatly increase your net profit.
What we do at In Touch is to provide excellent service to our customers. We have a team that works very hard to accomplish this goal. In the service industry the process of recruiting and hiring professionals can be risky. At In Touch we have professionals that understand your business and will provide services wherever you need it. We supply Warehouse workers, Yard Jockeys, Lumpers, and Transportation Services (including Over Three Road Trucking Services), so with In Touch, you don't have to:
Pay for the recruiting process such as advertising, interviewing, pre-employment drug screening and D.O.T. physicals, set up and maintenance of driver qualification files per department of transportation Sec. 391.51 (a)
Do D.O.T. random drug testing
Pay workers compensation insurance
Pay for vacations and holidays
Pay F.U.T.A. and S.U.T.A. Taxes
Pay for health insurance
Pay for safety and compliance
Pay for driver management services
Worry over loss revenue due to driver shortage With these benefits you can substantially reduce your overhead, and greatly increase your net profit...
With In Touch Logistic, as our customer you can rely on us to provide commercial drivers on demand. Due to a shortage of professional drivers in the Transportation industry; In Touch provides a service that caters to the demand of the industry. We satisfy and supply companies across the United States with professional quality drivers. Companies welcome our services because they believe we are a great solution for obtaining C.D.L (Commercial Drivers License) drivers on short notice, emergencies, holidays, peak and seasonal business days. Other areas of service we provide at In Touch are: Warehouse workers, Yard Jockeys, Lumpers and much more!!! Our company is committed to providing quality service, and professional drivers unmatched in the industry. Our Transport Specialists displays a high degree of professionalism. Transport Specialists receive frequent training focusing on customer service, continued skills enhancement, industry wide safety procedures, The Smith System Training( including testing), Hazmat training and testing, plus other various classes and seminars. All of our specialists are qualified and road tested by a certified CDL examiner. We consistently maintain a complete driver qualification file on each Transport Specialist, to assure our drivers are qualified and in compliance while working for your company. Criminal background checks, M.V.R’s and random drug tests are in place. This assures that every specialist is in accordance with D.O.T rules and regulations and exceeds Federal Motor Carrier safety guidelines. Drivers’ dispatched will have in their possession the following qualifications that identify that they can perform as a professional quality driver:
Valid Commercial License
D.O.T Card
Certified Road Test (given by certified company examiner)
Employee identification badge With In Touch Logistic you can count on us for Top-Notch Transport Specialist staffing solutions all the time.
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